Individual Counseling:

With over ten years of experience, Erin-Lee provides high-quality counseling for adolescents, adults, couples and families in a safe, professional and confidential setting. Together, we will set goals and work toward improvement. Compassionate, personalized therapy in a caring environment is available for a wide range of issues. Every individual is different, and we will choose the best combination of techniques to help provide the necessary management and support for your unique needs.


Create happier, healthier, more loving relationships 

Increase self-awareness and understanding

Increase your level of intimacy and sexual satisfaction

Improve your communication skills 

Develop healthy conflict resolution skills ​

Improve parent/child relationships 

Facilitate change in patterns of relating which are not working 

Heal past hurts which are getting in the way of your present happiness 

Aid in the process of grieving a lost relationship as well as other losses

Conquer eating disorders and addictive behavior

Assist in personal and spiritual growth