An individual 55min session is $145 for day appt. and $175 for evening appt.  Couples sessions are $175 day and $195 evening for a 75min session. 

 *Evening hours are from 5pm- 9pm. 

 Please contact me as I am happy to discuss payment based on 
your income. Limited spaces available. 

*I do not take insurance*
 I work with you to help you obtain reimbursement from your insurance  company. I give you a formal receipt which includes a diagnosis which we  discuss and I am trained to make. I have a Tax ID number along with a  National Provider number. Some insurance companies reimburse you after  you have met a deductible or alternatively, allow you so many sessions at a  particular rate. Call your provider to find out more details and we can  discuss this when we meet.

 I offer evening appointments up until 8 pm dependent on availability, and  some 8am appointments. I do not have weekend hours as a general rule. 


 You may make a payment with cash, check, Venmo or credit card.